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Build Wealth by Investing in Property

Investing in property to build your wealth makes sense. Property can be a solid investment that can offer you regular rental income, capital growth and tax benefits. Remember that property is a long term investment and you should be willing … Continue reading


Buying a house

There are many financial and other decisions that you need to make around housing. You need to choose between buying a house and renting. Then if you decide to buy, you need to understand the home buying process, what’s involved … Continue reading

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Financing your home renovation

When you need more space or want to upgrade your current home environment, renovating can be the answer. But you need to be aware that this can be expensive and might end up costing you more than you think. Planning … Continue reading

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Refinancing your home loan

Refinancing is when you replace or extend your existing loan with funds from a new mortgage lender or your current lender. There are many reasons why you might want to refinance your loan, including: to take advantage of a better … Continue reading