Knowledge is the key to investing

By You and Money

If you really want to build wealth and secure your financial future, it’s important to be well informed. There are many laws that relate to investments – including legislation on taxation and superannuation – and they often change. You need to know about the changes that will affect you.

If you spend a few minutes a day reading the business section of your newspaper, you’ll gain some knowledge about the tax advantages and returns offered by various investments. Our daily newspapers publish weekly lift-out sections on money matters. Specialist finance and business websites and magazines also contain news, analysis and information on the performance of specific investments like shares.

Listening to radio, watching television and surfing the internet for information on money matters will help improve your knowledge. Your local library will have books on the subject. And there are many courses and seminars on personal finance, with some available online.

Remember that the more you know, the more informed your investment choices will be.

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