Working overseas

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If you’re planning on working overseas, there are a number of issues you should think about before you go.

Finding work overseas

Here are several ways to help land a job overseas.

  • Use an international recruitment agency: Send your resume to an agency that specialises in overseas recruitment. If you have a degree or experience in something like teaching, nursing, IT or accounting, they may be able to help you. Some agencies can also help you look for accommodation and set up an international bank account.
  • Do it yourself: You’ll need to do a bit of research and background work to find the best cities, then short-list possible employers.
  • Transfer: If you work for an organisation that has international links, talk to them about an overseas placement.

Working holidays

Australia has reciprocal arrangements with some countries to allow you to work there, but there are age restrictions (generally between 18 and 30). Check out the Working Holiday Maker (WHOM) for more information at

There are also some great voluntary assignments available in developing countries. For more information, visit

Banking overseas

Once you’ve landed a job overseas, you’ll need a local bank account. In most cases what you’ll need is:

  • proof of your identity, such as your passport
  • proof of your overseas address


It’s a good idea to register online or in person with the nearest Australian embassy, high commission or consulate when you start working overseas. The information you give them will help them find you in an emergency.

For information on visas and destination safety, visit

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