Budgeting for your wedding

By You and Money

You’ve dreamt about a big wedding for years, then reality hits – the price. But you can still have the wedding you want and not spend years paying it off.

Here are a few hints to help you plan.

  • Use a savings budget planner for your wedding to work out how much each item will cost and how you plan to save for it. Ask yourself a few questions (and be realistic in your answers).
    • Do we want a big wedding or a small, no-frills ceremony?
    • Where would we like to hold the wedding and the reception?
    • Will we be using our own cars for the wedding party or hiring them?
    • How many guests will we invite?
    • Will we have a photographer?
    • How many attendants will we have, if any?
    • Do we want a three-course sit down dinner or a cocktail style function?
    • What kind of flowers would we like?
    • Do we want a DJ?
  • Use your networks – do you know a photographer or make up artist? Asking someone you know to help out could save you hundreds of dollars.
  • Think carefully about your guest list and cut back if you can.
  • Make your own wedding arrangements – don’t use an expensive wedding planner.
  • Consider a cocktail function instead of a formal sit down dinner.
  • Make you own bonbonniere – it’s a lot cheaper and more personal.
  • Start saving as soon as possible. Think about opening a high interest savings account where you can earn bonus interest if you make a deposit and no withdrawals in a month.

General wedding planning sites that you might find of interest:


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