Saving money for a holiday

By You and Money

Planning a holiday is an exciting experience. And if you’re going on a big trip, it can take time to get your savings together. Make sure you have the funds you need for your holiday so that you don’t have to come home early or, worse, arrive back with a big credit card bill.

Follow these simple tips – saving could be easier than you think.

  • Set up a high interest online savings account to get your savings started. You can also earn bonus interest while you’re away.
  • Cut your spending and save by eating at home more often and watching DVDs rather than going to the cinema.
  • Get a part time or casual job – for the latest job vacancies, check out and
  • Give your wardrobe a spring clean and you’ll be surprised how many things you can sell on eBay, at a garage sale or a local market.
  • Watch out for sales if you need a backpack, sleeping bag or travel equipment, post- Christmas and end of financial year sales could save you a lot.
  • Save your change – it all adds up.
  • Book early, especially if you’re travelling in peak holiday periods.
  • Do your research – make sure you get the best deal possible on flights, accommodation and tours.
  • Talk to experienced travellers about holidaying on a budget.

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