How to save on your utility bills

By You and Money

Tired of your electricity, gas and water bills getting more and more expensive? You’re not alone. Here are a few simple tips to help you to lower your bills.

  • Install a rainwater tank.
  • Take two minutes off the time you take to shower.
  • Dry your clothes on a washing line in warm weather to save on drying costs.
  • Wear fewer clothes in summer and more in winter.
  • If you have an old house, seal any gaps with door snakes.
  • Stick to gas heaters – they’ll save you money over time.
  • Switch your washing machine to a time saver cycle.
  • Use a laptop computer – it uses far less energy than a PC.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water rather than warm water – it will save you energy and is better for your clothes.
  • Compare energy rates – visit to make sure you’re on track.

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